Problem with politics is incessant TV coverage

Media Politics in Perspective

By Bill McCullough, Daily News

Re: ‘Coverage of federal politics is puzzling’ (Daily News, July 26) You think? There’s not much puzzle there. All-day audio and visual news programs are killing insightful news coverage.

In our own TV cable area alone there are four readily accessible 24/7 news networks, all commercially competing for the same fairly brain-dead audience.

Any one of those networks can only hope for favourable market share by ensuring that, at any moment someone tunes in, that listener is going to be riveted by something “newsy.” Something newsy in the way of a sound or vision bite is rarely something in the way of good news.

All day news is attack news about bad things involving both good and bad people.

Worse still, at least two of our own networks tend to scroll news in a way that favours a political bias on the right or left…

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