Does Twitter make us better or worse writers?

Q:Does Twitter make us better or worse writers?


“Hal: I’m curious. Is Twitter making us better writers? I find that the 140 character limit forces me to spend a few minutes revising and condensing, so I can pack lots of meaning into the allowable space. It’s almost like poetry or haiku. It’s okay if your answer excludes consideration of Bieberphiles.”

Twitter doesn’t make us better writers. It makes some of us get to point.

Much of the problem with Twitter is the lack of points. Tweeters throw out inane announcements of their intention to purchase coffee and other earth-shattering developments that even their mothers couldn’t possibly give a flying rat about. It’s hard to be Hemingway with nothing to say.

For those with a point, Twitter does impose a discipline that can be an excellent training device. When I worked for The Associated Press, certain briefs were…

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