“Scoop, if true”: How The New York Post Gave Up On Journalism Altogether

Left and Center

The New York Post is a groundbreaking news organization. Some magazines and newspapers waste time by vetting sources, checking facts, reporting on things that exist — you get the idea. 20130807-155530.jpg

Not the Post. They have no such time for that nonsense. I mean, why make yourself all tired and whatnot by finding sources when you can just have your readers tell you what’s what?

Take today’s column by Michael Goodwin for an example. Goodwin quotes one of his readers — again, who cares who he is, right? — who has a real life “scoop, if true”.

    Reader Don Reed has a scoop, if true. “People are going nuts trying to smoke out the identity of Eliot Spitzer’s clandestine girlfriend,” he writes. “I think it’s Huma.”

    Stop the presses!

Give the man a Pulitzer!

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