Who Reads The Newspapers?

I read The Washington Post and The New York Daily News. I’m not sure what that says about me exactly. But this is funny. And you should read it.


Reddit embraces its role as a journalistic entity with new live-reporting feature

It’s called the front page of the Internet for a reason.


Some critics may see Reddit as a more restrained version of the online community 4chan — a place for nerds to talk about Star Trek or whatever the latest meme is — but the site has also become a place where new forms of journalism occur, such as the reporting on breaking news events like a shooting or the war in Syria. To help make that even easier, Reddit has launched a “live blogging”-style feature that will eventually allow anyone to function as a kind of Reddit-based news reporter.

The feature, which is still in beta, is currently being tested on two very different Reddit threads or topics: one is a kind of stereotypical Reddit discussion about a fascinating game-based sociological experiment known as “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” which involves tens of thousands of people simultaneously playing an old-fashioned Pokemon game via real-time chat.

The second beta test involves something…

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Media Question Kerry’s Mysterious 1,429 Death Toll in Syria

Media Politics in Perspective

By Greg Mitchell

Days later and we still have no idea where Secretary of State John Kerry got that amazingly precise number of 1,429 killed in the alleged Syria chemical agent attack. He hasn’t cited full sourcing for it or taken questions on that. He merely claims he can’t say because it would “compromise” intelligence, which sounds like utter bull. President Obama also cited the death toll as fact in public statements beating the drums for war.

And all other sources put the number a little or a lot lower. Why does this matter in the current debate? Obviously the higher number, particularly with the also unproven claim of more than 400 dead kids, is meant to sell a US military attack to the American people—and that’s why it’s a key claim. That 1,400 number makes the latest attack seem so much worse than earlier alleged Assad chem attacks, which…

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Patrick L. Smith: Lapdog Media Beats War Drums Again

Rise Up Times

Remember how the media sold us their wars? (photo: Luke Frazza/AP)
Remember how the media sold us their wars? (photo: Luke Frazza/AP)

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By Patrick L. Smith  31 August 13  Salon via Reader Supported News
s of this writing, early Thursday morning, some Syrians are scheduled to pay with their lives for America’s “credibility.” The bombarding of an already war-ravaged country is acknowledged as “symbolic,” intended simply to “send a message.” This is an obscenity as great as the one Washington purports to answer. Another Middle Eastern society will come further unstitched, and those doing the unstitching will have nothing on offer to replace it.The U.S. long ago squandered what credibility it may once have enjoyed or desired in the Mideast. If credibility were the cause, Washington need do no more than start dismantling the Potemkin village it has made of the principles it tediously mouths.But this thought goes nowhere these days.And so the U.S. stalks into another war…

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What the public should demand from journalism

Barefoot In Florida

A very succinct- and accurate–list of what the public should expect and demand from journalists comes from the thoughts of seven prominent practitioners of the profession at The Morning News. 

It’s also a reminder that despite the momentary turmoil in journalism that have raised questions about its future, the public needs journalism just as much as journalism needs the public

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