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Rolling Stone Founder Promotes 22 Year-Old Son To Run Website

Left and Center


After a long, storied career as a college student, 22 year old Gus Wenner — son of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner — has been promoted to head up all operations at

Like nepotism? Take a big whiff.

From: Jann Wenner
Date: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:52 PM
Subject: Gus Wenner

Dear all:

[Wenner Media chief digital officer] David Kang and I are very pleased — and I am very proud — to announce that Gus Wenner, after leading the re-launch re-design effort for our website, will now continue by heading up the overall operations of


Hopefully this doesn’t get in the way of Wenner’s and Scout Willis’ — offspring of John McClane and Demi Moore — alternative country band, affectionately called Scout + Gus.

Don’t let them change you Gus!


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How Justin Smith remakes media companies — and why the Atlantic will be fine without him


In a media industry fraught with failure, almost everything touched by Justin Smith has turned to gold. That’s why news of his decision to leave Atlantic Media for Bloomberg led media pundits to heap praise on Smith and, more quietly, to wonder what will happen to the Atlantic without him.

Smith is best known for helping the 150-year-old publication embrace digital media and, in doing so, avoid a Newsweek-like descent into insolvency and irrelevance. While Smith’s reputation as a digital evangelist is well-deserved, it risks overshadowing his more fundamental talent: an ability to redefine what a media company is and how it should be run.

In early June, I had lunch with Smith and met Atlantic executives in their airy offices in the hulking Watergate building overlooking the Potomac. The visit revealed how Smith has rebuilt the company in such a way that it doesn’t depend on any one…

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