Matt Lauer Refuses Pay Cut, ‘Today’ Staffers Fired For It?

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It has been a tough year for the folks at NBC, specifically the Today show. The ratings are not do as well as they use to and there have been recent firings. Some of the those firings may be the fault of the lead anchor of Today, Matt Lauer. Radar Online is claiming that the anchor’s alleged refusal to take a pay cut is being blamed for nine staffers getting pink slips. “It has really irked the staff because Matt is the highest paid journalist in the business, and he only works four days a week!” the insider told Radar Online. “If he had agreed to a one percent pay cut, those jobs could have been saved.”

If true, Mr. Lauer would not be a popular man among the staff members at the Today show. His is the highest paid news anchor in the business, earning $25 million a…

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