Nicki Minaj: The Magazine Killer

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Do Nicki Minaj fans just not buy magazines?

Because according to the WWD’s annual newsstand roundup, she is “indisputably newsstand poison”.  That is quite the comparison, but it simply means that her popularity does not translate into magazine sales.

Appearing on the April cover of Elle and in Teen Vogue in June-July, Nicki’s covers sold the second fewest number of copies for both publications. New York magazine believes that the Elle cover had more to do with the “grungy” look given to the singer, and perhaps Teen Vogue readers are more interested in seeing boy bands on the cover (since One Direction was their best selling cover) than someone like Nicki.

However, having Beyonce on a magazine cover helps sales.  New York Magazine cites the popularity of her March Vogue cover, which sold 355,397 copies (even beating out first lady Michelle Obama)!

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